Sunday, November 16, 2014

Froggy Mama and Bella Joi's Surprise to you!

In October I wrote a review about this awesome product by Bella Joi. I absolutely love their stretch mark cream and I still use it daily! It smells awesome and does not leave my skin feeling greasy! I still continue to see improvement with the fading of my stretch marks!

You can read my original blog post about their stretch mark cream here.

Recently, I have spoken with Bella Joi and we both have decided to surprise you with A SECOND GIVEAWAY! Their product is so good, I felt you guys deserved a second chance to win!

I want to congratulate the previous winner
Enjoli Collums!
I hope you are enjoying the product as much as I have!

I also have some good news and some bad news. To give everyone a fair chance the previous winner will not be included in the second giveaway.

Enter Below to WIN!Bella Joi Strech mark Cream Surprise Giveaway

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