Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Glow 2 Go Half Body Towelettes

I have a very pale complexion and I do not do a lot of outdoor activities. When I try to naturally tan, I either end up looking like I never got a tan at all ... or I burn. At one point in my life I just accepted the fact I will remain super pale. I also am very self conscious about my body. I never really felt comfortable with the idea of going to a spray tanning booth. I was really excited at to hear about these half body towelettes by Glow 2 Go. I loved the idea of being able to use these self tanning towelettes at the comfort of my own home.

When I opened the container, first thing to mind was the easy access opening was a very smart idea!

Each towelette is in its own packaging, hence the "2 go" part of Glow 2 Go! I was really surprised that the towelette just looked like any ordinary wipe. I have 2 kids in diapers, so I use wipes a LOT! I got a lot of curves, so it took three towelettes instead of two to cover my whole body.
 I wore my underwear and bra while applying the towelettes. That way once I was done drying, I could get dressed and go! As I anticipated, it did go on darker on my hands where I was holding the towelette. What really surprised me was the fact it did not stain my clothes where the wipe accidentally touched.
After I did my first application, I waited till the next day to do another coat. You only have to wait 4 hours, but I was quite busy so I waited overnight instead.

I am very pleased with the results of the two applications. I went from pale to beautifully tanned... with out having to stay outside in the sun only to get burned! I will definitely be using this product to look tan for my wedding in May.

I am not affiliated with Glow 2 Go or any of their employees. I received their Glow 2 Go half body towelettes, solely for the purpose to write an honest review. Other than the half body towelettes, I did not receive any compensation for this review.