Friday, April 8, 2016

Ozeri 360 fan

My husband and I are very different when it comes to the thermostat at our home. I will think its too warm and he will be freezing his buns off.
For this reason, we both love fans. Granted our home has a ceiling fan in each room and two in our living room. We just love having the choice to have a floor fan or table fan. If we want to cool down, we have that air directed at one person and not both; avoiding any grumbling about being way too cold.

I have tried out three different fans from Ozeri so far. Two tower fans and one desktop fan. I ended up giving one of my tower fans to a friend of mine, whose air at the time had gone out. They loved the fan so much, I didn't have the heart to take it back! The desktop fan, I have to say is my personal favorite. My husband has taken over our other tower fan for his "man cave" in the garage. 

Since my husband took over the floor fan, I have been in a predicament not having one for inside the house! Just as I ran out of ideas and couldn't find anything I liked to purchase online, I was offered to review another fan by my favorite company Ozeri. 

I chose Ozeri's 360 Oscillation Tower Fan, with Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology and I absolutely love it! Straight out of the box, it was beyond easy to put together. The fan came with it's base in two pieces and a remote. All I had to do was snap the two base pieces together and screw them into the fan. Easy peasy! The sleek compact design is perfect. I can put it in my hallway and circulate air to the rest of the house, without blocking the hallway.

Of course with a new gadget in the home, I had to play with it and test it out! When I first turned it on I noticed there was a temperature showing. It took me a moment to realize it was the current temperature of the room. I had to check to see how accurate it was, so I scootled my booty over to our thermostat and looked a that. I was quite surprised how accurate it really is. It was within 1 degree of my home thermostat!


 Once I turned it on, I was truly blown away (no pun intended haha). When they say noise reduction technology, boy do they mean it! This is this one quiet fan! The option of having a remote is great. Hopefully, my kids wont lose or hide it!


The day I got it in the mail is the day I put it together. My husband was at work so he didn't know I got a package let alone see me assemble the fan. So when he got home it was a surprise that we had another fan! After he was able to tinker with the fan a little, he announces he really likes the fan. I hate to burst his bubble, but this fan stays inside.

Need a tower fan? Head on over to amazon and purchase this amazing Ozeri 360 fan!

I am not affiliated with Ozeri or any of their employees. I received their 360 Oscillation Tower Fan, with Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology, solely for the purpose to write an honest review. Other than the fan, I did not receive any compensation for this review.