Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ozeri pedometer

I moved at the end of December and it feels like we moved yesterday. With work and college I have had no time to do ANYTHING! Although we moved a ton in and painted the kids rooms, we still have tons to do. One thing is to get actual Internet and not the wireless hot spot that my kids have hidden.

Speaking of kids hiding things. I recently got this awesome pedometer from ozeri. I got to use that pedometer a good 3 days and it too is now hidden. 

I was able to form an opinion on the first day to be honest. 


I love the design and the fact I can clip it to my pants. It also has a clip thing , which I haven't really looked at.

The pedometer was super easy to set up. Time, date, approx Wright and height and then it's counting your steps! 

You can purchase this great pedometer here. I apologize for the super generic stock picture and super generic review. I'll try to write more about it once I am able to find it again and continue to use it. But for now I can say I really do recommend this pedometer.

I am not affiliated with ozeri or any of their employees. I received their pedometer in exchange for an honest review. This review only contains my personal thoughts and opinions on the product. Other than the pedometer I did not receive any compensation for this review.