Monday, December 22, 2014

Total Hair Repair Oil [Natural & Organic]

This is going to be a short review an I apologize. I feel some products speak for itself andoesnt require a long review. I can definitely say this product is one of them.
Anyways, lets continue to the product.

I live in Florida an the humidity is killer on my hair. I also color treat my hair so that does that more damage to my hair. When I was given the opportunity to review this product made by Foxbrim. My first thought was how much my poor hair could use this product!

did a little research on the product an found this on amazon.
Foxbrim's Total Hair Repair Oil is the effective solution for your all-too-common hair health issues. Now's the time for beautifully restored and completely nourished hair.

• Bring back to life limp dry hair. 
• Create lustrous, full volume. 
• Perfect choice for soft, shiny and supple hair. 
• Stop waking up to frizzy unmanageable hair.
From root to tip, Total Hair Repair Oil feeds your hair with 100% plant oils that are essential for complete hair health. Impressive results for the hair you deserve.
Bottled Nature for Hair Beauty. 100% Plant Oils include: 
+ Jojoba Oil - Strengthen hair fibers from the inside out 
+ Organic Argan Oil - Effectively create a tight seal for your hair cuticle 
+ Sunflower Oil - Prevent hair thinning and foster healthy hair luster and full texture 
+ Grapeseed Oil - Provide nourishment from the root for every strand while also sealing in moisture
                   You Deserve It... Try Foxbrim's Total Hair Repair Oil. 

It is super easy to use, leave it in for 10 minutes, 2 hours or overnight. Once it has set in for the allotted time, you wash it out. You can also use some in your hair as a "styling fluid or restorative elixir".

You can fin this great pro
duct here

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Foxbrim or any of Foxbrim's employees. I received Foxbrim Total Hair Repair  solely for the purpose to properly give my opinion on the product. Other than  Foxbrim Total Hair Repair, I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive the product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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