Monday, December 22, 2014

ADAGIO Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

I love to flat iron my hair. I so far have gone through 3 unsatisfactory experiences with flat irons. Every time I think I found "the perfect flat iron", next thing I know it takes longer an longer to straighten my hair. It would not matter if it was on the highest heat setting, it would take at least an hour to straighten my hair.

When I receive
d this product I immediately ripped open the box. 

I was pleasantly surprise that it came with a heat resistant carrying case.


Before I use the product I did a little research online an found this on amazon. 

  • TEN GEAR - Ten gear temperature selection from 200 to 400 degree Farenheit to give you perfect control and match your styling needs. Advanced microprocessor control ensures the plates are heat quickly and evenly in under 45 seconds

    • IONIC TECHNOLOGY - Featuring the latest in ionic technology to keep your hair healthy using slimline ceramic Tourmaline floating plates
    • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Universal Voltage that can adapt to your travel schedule and ensure you look just as perfect on the road as at home. Comes with a heat resistant bag for storage and carrying
    • TIME OUT - Safety timeout function shuts the device down when left unattended for over 30 minutes
    • ERGONOMIC - With a rounded and ergonomically designed barrel the Xtava hair straightener is built for performance and comfort alike

    This flat iron is AMAZING! It only takes 30 seconds to heat up to the hottest setting. It only takes me about 45 minutes to flat iron my hair, if i want it perfect an add a cute flip at the end of my hair to frame my face. If i want to just do a quick straighten an go, it only takes me about 20 minutes. Cool down time is also really quick!

    They carry the A
    dagio which is a solid black. They also carry two other patterns Fiore an White Tiger.

    You can fin
    d this amazing flat iron in all three patterns here. 

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated withXtava or any of Xtava's employees. I received  ADAGIO Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener  to properly give my opinion on the product. Other than  ADAGIO Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener , I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive the product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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