Saturday, December 27, 2014

Madison Reed Hair Transformation


I got my hair professionally bleached about 14 months ago. I really loved how my hair looked, It was something new. Instead of keeping up with my roots, I was going to grow out all of the bleached hair. I grew my hair out a lot, but as usual I got frustrated with how long the blonde was taking to fully grow out. After much debate, I finally decided to dye my hair again!

I am on Facebook quite a lot. I have lots of out of state family and I tend to migrate to Facebook to advertise my blog. Every time I would peruse Facebook, I kept seeing my blogger friends talking about a company Madison Reed and how much they love their hair dying products. I finally had enough of observing everyone else's great before and after posts, I HAD to try this product out for myself!

First, I perused their
website and I was beyond impressed. The first thing that caught my eye was their hair dye is "ammonia, resorcinol, and PPD-Free, with no parabens added". I also loved that the die has "smaller color molecules, called micropigments, create a gentler coloring process that doesn’t require ammonia to aggressively open the hair cuticle to deposit the color the way other dyes do. Our formula has no pungent smell, leaves hair stronger and allows it to hold color longer".

I needed to dye my hair badly and the more I looked through their website, the more I already loved their product! I HAD to try their hair dye out! There was one thing holding me back. I had NO clue what color to chose or what color would work to cover my hair with its "ombre effect".


Madison Reed's website has a chat now feature, where you can live chat with a hair color specialist. I used the live chat to explain to the color specialist that I wanted to do something new and different. The darkest I have gone was a soft black and I attempted going blonde but never did the second sitting to finish the process. I have also done many types of reds and a I am a natural brunette. In order to pick out the right color, I sent the hair specialist a photo of what my hair looked like.The color specialist sent me links to multiple different colors they have to offer, which would work well with my skin tone and current hair situation.

After chatting with the color specialist I finally decided on a color and ordered my hair dying kit with an extra tube of dye and bottle of activator. I have thin hair strands but I have a LOT of hair, so the extra dye is a must!

I was so excited to dye my hair! I didn't tell my fiancé I was going to dye it, I wanted to surprise him! When my Madison Reed package came in the mail, I immediately opened it!


There was a box with my hair dying kit and another box for my extra dye, along with a pamphlet with instructions on how to use their product.


This company REALLY goes out of their way to make using their product an easy process! Posted on the inside of the box "sleeve" are the instructions on how to use their product along with a thank you note from the company.


I was floored when I opened the main box! Everything was so neat and tidy!


There are 4 small cubbies at the top of the box. One contains two pairs of gloves. That's right I said TWO pairs of gloves! One to use while dying your hair and one to use while rinsing the dye out! There is a shower cap to put over your hair while the dye sits. Also included is barrier cream to use before you start applying the dye and cleansing wipes to wipe up any dye that may have gotten on your skin during the dying process.

To the right of the box are two tubes, one is shampoo and one is conditioner. This was definitely a pleasant surprise to have more than the tiny plastic tester amount that is normally included in hair dying kits. Last and but not least, the final two items in the box is the activator and the hair dye.

I followed the directions and sectioned my hair off into quadrants and clipped them up. I started by unclipping a lower quadrant and worked on the roots first. I continued applying dye to my roots on each of the other quadrants I clipped up. Once I was done with the roots, I applied the color all over, making sure I didn't miss any strand of hair. After I was done applying the dye, I put the cap on and cleaned up with the included wipe.

As you can see by my shirt.. I am quite messy when I dye my hair!
I left the dye in for the recommended 35 minutes and then followed the directions to wash out the dye.  In a typical box color kit, I usually have to use my own shampoo and conditioner.
This time, for the first time ever I was actually able to get TWO washes out of the included shampoo and conditioner!

I don't like blow drying my hair because I usually end up looking like a fluffy poodle! Haha! So, I let my hair dry naturally before I decided to take a picture.


I really loved how the color came out on my ends, but it didn't show up like I thought on my new growth. I decided to call Madison Reed. I spoke with another color specialist, who looked up my chat history with the previous color specialist. She saw the before picture and what product I had received and immediately was determined to fix it. Still staying in the red family, she chose a color that would make my hair ONE color and not two!

I was immediately sent a new hair dye kit along with the extra activator and dye. I got the package in the mail Christmas Eve, I have two kiddos ages 7 months and 2 years old. I was getting ready for Christmas that evening, so I couldn't dye my hair then. Instead I locked myself in the bathroom while my son was still asleep and went through the steps to apply the dye to my hair.

The whole time we were opening gifts both my kids looked as to say "what the heck is on your head mommy?". I let the dye sit for about 35 minutes, probably a little longer, since I had to hunt down batteries for my sons new toy. I washed my hair and again let it dry naturally. I even quickly straightened my hair before I snapped a photo!

I absolutely LOVE my hair color and I keep getting compliments on how good it looks!
Madison Reed has gained a loyal customer. I honestly cant see myself using any other hair dying product after using theirs. Not only is their product superior to any other hair dyes I've used, but they also went out of their way to make sure I loved my hair color.

If you want to love your hair color like I do, check out Madison Reed's website here.

Disclaimer: I received Madison Reed's hair dying kit and extra tube of activator and dye  solely for the purpose to properly give my opinion on the product. Other than Madison Reed's hair dying kit and extra tube of activator and dye , I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive the product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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