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Ebook - Tracks

*Disclosure* This will be a short review and will not include the ending (sorry guys! I just hate spoiling a good book!) I will be adding snippets from the book and the beginning little graphic.


"Michelle grimaced in pain. Her naked body was covered with sweat. The blue veins crisscrossing her breasts were extremely noticeable. Her nipples bulged dark and erect. She grabbed the bed frame with her hands making her knuckles white, her chest heaving rapidly up and down as the sweat drained into the base of her neck . She ground her teeth and bit her lower lip trying to keep from screaming. Deep low moans came from within her. Her swollen stomach hardened with every spasm. Her legs were spread eagled, resting high on the silvery stands, exposing her swollen vagina to all . Mucus and blood were slowly dripping out of her onto the bleached bedspread. They were beyond the Lamaze class theories. Both were drained of energy after seven hours of labor spasms. Michelle was brave. She wanted no epidural shots. No sense drugging the little creature."After a year her body was finally fully back to normal. The bulging veins and the dark line down her belly were gone. Her nipples finally back to the normal pinkish color. She fantasized about her and her husband being intimate. Immediately she was ashamed at herself for doing so. "She looked to little Sammy's room as if suddenly aware he was present just beyond the door, and felt a little abashed by her fantasizing in front of the mirror, so close to him. A few balloons still hung from his bedroom door, remnants of his first birthday. Little Sammy had grown so beautifully his first year. He had taken his first few steps only a month ago and was already running around the house and lawn, his blonde curls bouncing with every step.

Michelle recollects the events that occur after her son was born. How she and her husband Sam were so excited and proud to be parents. She recalls staying home extra time to breastfeed little Sammy Junior. Her husband and she even stepped back and put work somewhat on a back burner. Sam who used to be a hard at work husband and his main focus was his job, now made little Sammy his main priority. "Sam, who was well on his way to making full partner at Sweeny & Sweeny, a medium sized Century City Law firm, had considerably slackened off in his dedication to work since Sammy was born and had brought his advancement to a halt. The stuck-up executives arguing in stuffy courtrooms over incredible sums of money had lost their charm and had taken a back seat to the toddler who was now occupying his home, always ready to give him a hug when he came in the door."

  Michelle used to travel a lot with her job, but after Sammy was born she gave that responsibility to other qualified workers at her job. "Before Sammy was born, her job would often take her away from home for spans of time when she would be required to participate in flight testing and technology demonstrations at Air Force bases around the country. Sammy changed all that."

 Michelle  went back to work Sammy went to a day care center with 12 other children. Michelle recollects that she and Sam liked the idea of a daycare opposed to a nanny. Little Sammy would be able to socialize with other children, rather than spending his entire day with adults. It didn't take long for Sammy become to adjusted to the day care. She was proud of that but also sad that he no longer needed her as much.

Michelle glanced over at the clock saw that it was past nine. She knew Sam was going to be late that evening. She still missed him at the dinner table and missed watching him give little Sammy a bath. She imagines the scene she would see if Sam was there to give him a bath. Sammy would elude him and protest being put in the bath. At times in order to change his sons mind he would join Sammy in the bath. She remembers how they would have to team up and quickly wash and rinse Sammy's hair. Some how every time the soap would find a way to sting his eyes. She would wash down Sammy and then proceed to wash her husband.

This reminded her of the first time she met him. "He lay naked in a tub, the only male among three naked beauties , two Scandinavians and a Greek. The Greek woman, Elena, whom Michelle got to know quite well later, stood with her naked behind to the bathroom entrance soaping the man." She recollects the events in the Greek Islands during summer break. She hung out with a group of people and among them clothing didn't seem to be an option. She soon began to become comfortable with her own skin and followed lead. "The following two weeks were a blissful blur of gradually falling in love with Sam Baker. She could not quite point to a certain event or a certain moment in the short time they had spent together, but when it came time to leave, she knew she would miss him terribly." After the trip and she had returned home was miserable, but then Sam called and everything seemed happen. This all happened nine years ago.

Something suddenly interrupted her trip down memory lane. A strange man appeared by the mirror and shortly after that another man appeared. Michelle panicked and tried to go to Sammy's room. The two men were too fast. They grabbed her and dragged her to the bed and began to molesting her and eventually raping her, each taking their turn. After they were satisfied and done. they ended Melissa's misery and shot her point blank in the head.

Sam came home to the end results of the horrid event. His wife was naked , tied to the bed  and in a pool f her own blood and vomit. He checked the nursery and his son was gone. He called 911 as he was passing out. Sam was not the same man after the disappearance of his son and the death of his wife. He quit his job and opened a investigation group that helped locate abducted children. He worked with this group diligently and finding missing children became the only thing keeping him going. Even though he was successful at reuniting many children with their mothers, he was determined to find his own son. As they investigated they found that most of the children were being taken out of the country with false names. This gave him hope in regards to his own son. Eventually, the group lost its funding and had to be closed down. A year after, Sam was able to gather a group of his own to continue finding missing children.

How many children will he find? Will any of those children end up being his own? How much fight does Sam  have left ?

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