Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cute Baby Bibs - 3 Pack Soft Plastic Waterproof

My 2 year old son Wyatt knows how to use a spoon and fork, but still needs a TON of practice. Most of the time he abandons the eating utensil and uses his fingers.

On a typical morning we usually give Wyatt some dry cereal, fruit and a sippy cup of milk. If he finishes what he eats and wants more, we sometimes give him some toast or cheese. 

For lunch we either give him leftovers (which the last few days has been cubed pizza), a sandwich, or anything else we have around that is easy to cook. I am a stay at home mom and with a 2 year old and a 4 month old easy lunches are the way to go!

Dinner it all depends, sometimes we cook and sometimes we just wing it. Tonight he had some chicken chunks and more cereal. I was about to give him a veggie but he was beyond tired and started to announce he was done done (all done) by throwing the remaining pieces of food on the floor!

Usually when I remove the tray to unbuckle Wyatt, I have to pick up pieces of food that had fallen down. Even after that I have to sometimes pick pieces of cereal off his booty!

I was really happy when I was given the opportunity to test this bib out! I figured not only will Wyatt be using this but Samantha (my 4 month old) will eventually be using this too!

I HAD a photo taken of Wyatt wearing this, at least I thought I did... I'm beginning to think I accidentally deleted a few photos I did not mean to when I cleaned out and organized my memory card.

It is very easy to put on the bib, you just clip it in the front. No snaps in the back or Velcro to mess with (which those bibs end up on the floor anyway!). Once on ,Wyatt got a kick out of the bib. He started putting food IN TO the catch all pouch, thinking it was some sort of pocket!

 After he got over the fact he was wearing something new, he then focused on his food. I was holding my breath, crossing my fingers that at least SOME food would actually fall into the catch all. I let Wyatt sit and enjoy his food, while I took a moment to feed and change his sister. Once Samantha was happily swinging in her baby swing, I went to check on Wyatt.  There WAS a few items on the floor, but he threw those! When I saw that I knew he was Done Done (all done). I went through our usual routine to clean up after he ate. Sweep up the floor and clear the tray off. I removed the tray and was very happy to see that there was only a few pieces down in the highchair, definitely a lot less than normal! In his bib there were also a few pieces! YAY!

I took the bib off and let Wyatt go on his merry way. I hear bloh (blocks) said in the background. "Just a moment Wyatt I will be right there." I told him. Next, I went to the sink to wash his bib off. It took but 2 minutes to scrub rinse and mostly dry the bib. Once that was done I joined Wyatt in his room helping him with building the mega block tower.

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