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Ebook - Lost In The Tsunami

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As I do with every book review, I will not be posting the ending of the book.
My goal is to spark and interest in you to read the book.
I love to sit down with a good book after a long day of "work" (I am a stay at home mom).
I am still reading this book and it is something I can not put down!

Anyways... without further adieu!

Anna was panicked, she had not heard from her daughter Ronnie in a day. She had called her and stopped by her "apartment" multiple times. She and Ronnie were in contact every day. This was completely unlike her daughter to ignore her attempts of contact and to just completely disappear.

Anna called her daughters friends asking if they had heard from Ronnie lately. None of them had heard from her for at least a couple days. Something was NOT RIGHT!

She recollects that it all started when Ronnie decided she needed her own place. Anna went with Ronnie to look at the apartment with the realtor. She was NOT impressed with it at all! The area was not safe and it was not even an apartment, it was a store. A store with HUGE windows for walls and to lock up you have to pull down a metal shutters as and a padlock to "lock up".

Was this once an affluent neighborhood? And what good are these padlocks? She remembered how she argued with the Romanian real-estate agent. She looked like a caricature. She had 1960s teased bob. Giant breasts. Her top was bottle-green, pink blush ,and black eyeliner that was smudged in the edges of her eyes. Disgusting. “She doesn’t have anything valuable, except for maybe her computer, and it’s the software that’s expensive , the computer itself isn’t worth much. It’s always important to keep it locked from the inside. And there are no locks inside.” And also closing the shutter. It was electric, but they timed it: it took over two minutes. “Do you know what can happen in two and a half minutes”? Anna barked at the agent back then. “Everything will be all right , Ronny’s mom.” The real estate agent smiled like a two-bit beauty queen with her yellowing teeth. “This shutter works with a small engine and not a spring, it’s much better, otherwise she would have to yank it down."That was the beginning of many arguments she and her daughter had about this "apartment". Not only that, but she had only been in her daughters apartment three times. The time she went to see the apartment with Ronne, when she helped her move in , and when she was invited to have tea.

When she first say the apartment she believe it. This is not an apartment this is a storefront!! It was tiny and where was the privacy?!?!
Ronnie was convinced she would make this work. She wanted to be near her friends, but could not afford to live in the same area as them.
"“You’ll see. I’ll have you over in two weeks time and you won’t believe your eyes.” Ronny smiled, making all the freckles on her nose dance."The second time she saw her apartment, it was the night before Ronnie was going to move out. Of course she had to mention to her daughter to reconsider it. She really did not feel comfortable letting her baby live in such a terrible area and in a storefront at that! Of course this conversation went sour and Anna apologized to her daughter. She did not want to ruin the last evening of her daughter living at home.

Ronnies friends bailed on helping her move in, which left her mom.
"Anna showed up at the storefront apartment at the end of the day. Ronny’s friends had bailed, they each had their excuses. Which made her feel all the more useful . Ronny and Anna cleaned and scrubbed and placed every item in its place. The narrow stairwell led from the small kitchen area to the second floor, which had been the store’s storage area. It had a wall-to-wall built in closet and a small open area in front of it. They unpacked Ronny’s clothes, and placed the armchair and a small lamp in the area in front of the closet. Ronny hung a small piece of velvet above the armchair and pinned her earrings and necklaces on it. And under it on the floor she placed a few metal shelves for her shoes. It was a cozy little corner. Not every young woman’s apartment comes with a walk in closet, Anna thought to herself. Maybe this is whatshe always needed to keep her stuff in order. Anna was in charge of the downstairs ’ kitchen area. She put all the dishes away and when she was done, she kissed Ronny goodbye. The main room still looked like a storage space."The third time she saw her daughters apartment, she had gone over to have some tea. As she walked in she was quite shocked at the transformation. "“Just lovely. I want to move in.” Anna announced as she walked in. The apartment looked like it was from a magazine."Ronnie explained everything had was a multi-use item, that way she maximized the space she had.
She asked if her daughter felt safe there. Ronnie explained that because she was followed one evening, she either stays at cafe' or has one of her guy friends drive her home. She did not like her daughter living there.
"Anna left the apartment that day on pins and needles. She knew that that would be Ronny’s everyday reality from now on. She felt uneasy about the whole thing. She decided to comfort herself with some cheap mindless shopping . Windbreakers. Shirts. Men’s clothing. Everything was dirt cheap. For the city’s poor and downtrodden . Eventually, she settled on a fake snake skin belt and headed towards Masaryk
Ever since she had not heard from her daughter she had been to her apartment. Each time it was locked up tight. She thought maybe she was ready to live on her own finally. No, that could not be it... Then she thought back to what her daughter said. What if that weirdo who followed her home that one evening broke into her apartment , raped and murdered her?

She had gone to the police and filed paperwork for a missing person. They were nice to let her fill it out then but, they would not go into effect till the next evening when she was officially gone for 48 hours. Ridiculous she thought!

It had been three days since she had heard from her daughter. Her boss understood the turmoil she was going through and told her to get some rest. She called the investigator to see if he had any leads.
“We received some information about your daughter in regards to a local drug dealer…” Her hears perked up, her eyes welled up and the hair on the back of her neck stood up.“A drug dealer? What has he done to my daughter? This is exactly what I was afraid of when she rented that apartment in that dump. Tell me the truth! Is she alive ?!” Anna was yelling at the top of her lungs. “This conversation is over.” He sat still at the other end of the table. “Get yourself a glass of water from the fountain outside and calm down.” “I’m so sorry, it’s my nerves. I haven’t slept in days.” She had an in, he opened up and she ruined it. “Please, go home and let us do our job.” The officer walked Anna to the door of his office. A female office walked in and escorted her out against her will."She felt helpless, it was her fault, her fault that her daughter was gone.
 Once she arrived home, her phone rang. A young man on the other end was calling from jail. He claimed that Ronnie told him to call her if he got into any type of trouble. "“My daughter ? When did you last see her?’ Attorney Anna Shalita fired back with no response to what as just said. “I’m not sure exactly, two weeks ago… will you help me?” “Yes,” she composed herself. God was sending her a lifeline how could she miss it! Later she’ll be crying that god had abandoned her. She had to follow every lead and maybe it is late, but she must check now everything. She tried to stabilize her voice. “On what charge?” She asked as calmly as she could. “Drugs.” He answered. She had goose bumps. This was definitely a lead. “Personal use or trafficking?” Anna the lawyer was taking now. “Both.” He responded.In hopes of maybe finding something about her daughter she went to the jail the next day to speak with the boy. He explained what happened, none of which involved her daughter. She calmly told him he should be fine and should be released soon.

Was her daughter really involved in drugs? Did this young man know what happened to her daughter? Will she ever find Ronnie? If she does find her daughter will she find her alive?

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  1. What a great book review, this makes me want to buy the book and when I finish the one I'm reading, I will. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm on a hunt to find books to add to my winter book reading. That's when I get my most reading done.