Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stretching The Borders

As usual I wont be posting the conclusion of this book... actually in this instance i CANT post the conclusion. I am currently in the process of reading the book right now.

So far I am enjoying this book!

It starts off with Naomi thinking back and remembering when she lived in London. She recollects a close friend and how she was always over at his house. They used to do everything together. She remembers visiting after his parents passed away. His old room where they used to hang out all the time was now the guest room. Even though there were renovations done she was still able to find the spot where they carved their names in the wall and swore to be friends forever.

The book moves on to a different scene...

"Two months passed since the strange man with the blue vest visited our house that evening and asked us to lower the volume of Uri's cello playing." Naomi mentions to her husband that when she waters the plants she can see into the into the apartment facing them. Ruben replied that he met him downstairs at the grocery store. The neighbor who lived in the adjacent apartment, his wife has cancer. They purposely chose that apartment and building because it has its own private elevator. His wife needed a "hospital like" environment to live in while away from the hospital. Curious Naomi enjoyed watching them through their window. She didn't see much, the curtains were usually closed. She would see the nurse changing an IV bag or him in the living room watching TV or on his computer. What she didn't realize is he knew she was watching.

Naomi randomly decided she wanted to go over the the next building and figure out who lived across the way from them. She looked apartment 5 and 6 on the floor parallel to them. Surprising both apartments had people named Varda living in them. While she was trying to figure out which apartment they lived in , the door suddenly opened and someone came out of the building. She jumps back and hides, but once she figures out who it is she approaches the person. She surprised him and he asked what she was doing there. Naomi explained that it bothered her that she did not know his name and explained how she was working late and decided to look at the mailboxes to figure out his name. She also explained the last thing she would find was two apartments having people with the same exact name.

The guy across the way introduces himself as Avinoam and also introduces his dog whose name is Rain. He asks Naomi to join him on his walk. They spoke as they walked to the park. Normally the park was filled with "children and nannies and mothers and bottles and pacifiers and pieces of snacks in the sand box" but , "at this hour, the colorful playground facilities seemed to be in a state of deep sleep, and "the fallacious picture of neighbors with a dog at three in the morning looked as if it had been taken from an old French film."

He talked about what his wife used to do before she got sick. "She worked for a Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem and was in charge of a special project that consisted of finding family members from Latin American countries- because she was fluent in Latin languages- and she would meet with the second or third generation, because most of the survivors were already too old or had passed away." She did in depth research and traveled to South America many times a year. She did all of this up until six months ago , when she found out she had cancer. It didn't take long for the cancer to take over. He inquires what Naomi does and she explains she works at a local newspaper and loves to do artistic hobbies on the side like drawing and painting. She further explains that she wants to get her art out there, even if it means giving it away for free. As she was talking with him Naomi noticed that she was trying to charm Avinoam and was surprised how much she was flirting with him. They had a couple moments where he even flirted back at her.

It was getting late so they headed back to the apartments buildings. Avinoam explained that he wasnt sure how to say goodbye to her. He felt as if he was on a date. A kiss? A handshake? A hug? Coffee at my place or yours?"  He ended up kissing her next to her lips, on her cheek, and brushed her lower lip. It was 3:40 am and she hoped that she would not wake her husband or her two kids as she came into the apartment.

Their visits continued, both of their spouses oblivious to it all. What will happen between Namomi and Avinoam? Will things become even more heated between the two of them? How long will Naomi continue this and how is she going to continue to hide it from her husband? Will Naomi's husband find out of their secret meetings?

I am currently nose in my phone and continuing to read this book.
I would highly recommend reading this book, its is an extremely good read so far and I cannot wait to read what happens next!!

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