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Almost perfect- Ebook


*Sirens* Short review alert!!! *Sirens*
This review will have quoted inserts from the book but since I hate spoiling a book...I wont be posting the conclusion of the book. I will also be leaving out a bunch of specific... this book has such a crazy twisting plot with many in depth details. Again I don't want to spoil anything

A family's day started off with arguing. They argued about his plans to go off roading and argued about his car. It would be easier to off road if he had a Hummer or Land Rover. "What do we need one of those monsters for?" She asks. After much arguing the couple finally decides to go off roading. After all if they stayed home and relaxed in bed like his wife suggested, it would be worse. He decided he would rather get out and deal with his complaining the whole time.

It was storming, their kids were asleep in the back seat and now their GPS stopped working. They were lost! He didnt know where they were only that they were somewhere in the National Park. For a moment he thought about calling his friends to help him out, then changed his mind. He didn't want to be ridiculed by one of the guys. "I told you we'd get lost, he heard her hiss on his right." He reassured her not to worry. "There should be a clearing somewhere around here." Just then he FINALLY found the clearing he was talking about and sped up. "Stop! Stop! Something is blocking the way!" He slammed on the brakes, causing his kids to wake up. Once he calmed down, he was finally able to look and see what was blocking the way. It looked like a charred car.  He cursed as he climbed out of the car, ignoring his wife's protests. He walked towards the burned car and once he reached it "the stench hit him immediately. It was the same smell that used to haunt him in his nightmares after the war; The smell of charred human flesh  mixed with the sweet scent of damp earth and orange blossoms, a combination impossible to stomach." He ran back to the car yelling at his wife to call the the police. They were trying to calm the kids down, who were panicked asking why they need to call the police. At the same time they find a briefcase and laptop. He tells his wife to leave it alone, but of course she ignores him. She then finds what looked like a drivers license. "You know who this is? Lior Almong!"

*Side note* Okay here is where I will be just lightly touching base on whats happening in the book. Even though I am giving a short review this book is quite long and has a very twisted plot. I purposely leave out things. My goal with this is not to summarize the book its to peak your interest to read and enjoy the book like I am doing (no I have not YET finished the book, like I said it is a LONG book with a complex storyline)

A little background on the characters
Tamar works with the Angel & Angel law firm. She works with Lior Almong, who she was dating. She was still waiting for him to introduce her to his mother. Tamar has two friends Nili and Alona. Where they worked they did all they could to create a family atmosphere. Nili and Alona were married and Tamar lived with her boyfriend (Lior). Things started to get pretty complicated for the ladies. Nili's husband leaves herself for another man, and Alona had an affair with Lior. How could Alona do that to her?!!? This eventually caused a rift in their friendship.

Back to the story!

Tamar greeted a client wondering where Lior was. As she was explaining that Lior should be here soon, she was pulled aside. Samuel, one of the Angel brothers came and informed her that Lior was found dead in Alona's car!

Okay here is a speedy ending to my review! Hope you can keep up!

Alona was arrested for killing Lior. She had gone to meet him at a bar but he never showed up... at least that's what she remembers. Nili gets with her ex-husband who is the only lawyer anyone can think of to help clear Alona's name. With Toledano (Nili's ex-husband) working along with Nili, they find out that Alona was somehow drugged at the bar. Who could have drugged her? Their attempts in trying to find the bartender that evening did not turn up much. They found his girlfriend who said he suddenly decided to leave the country.What was he up to? Someone also remembered her arguing with a man at her place. Who was she arguing with? While the investigation is going on Tamar is approached by her father saying he is probably going to be arrested for embezzling money. Shocked, Tamar wants to help her father, but in order to she must know why he was being accused of stealing. He then invites her to listen to his story about his childhood, which led up to the accusations held against him. Meanwhile, in the investigation to find out evidence that proves that Alona did not murder Lior... they also find out that Alona's husband knew about the affair. In fact he threatened to take everything from Alonna. She was afraid by her husbands threat and didn't want to lose her family... especially her kids over some silly affair.  Could HE have killed Lior? With further investigation they find out that Lior was a heavy gambler and even borrowed money to "buy" his apartment, which he was actually renting. Did he owe someone money? Is that why he was murdered? But how did he end up in Alona's car?

 Will Tamar ever forgive Alona for the affair? Will Alona remember what happened that night? Will they ever find out who murdered Lior?

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I really apologize for the crazy blog review... It was extremely hard for me to write this one! There is SO much going on in this book!! It is such a good read so far, I cannot put it down!

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