Monday, January 5, 2015

ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag

We live in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment. My family consists of my fiancé and I and our two kiddos. We have a lot of stuff in our one small bathroom. I got a lot of stuff from my two baby showers and I love to coupon. Needless to say we have a lot of toiletry items! I have a three pouch frog thing to hold things like bath toys, razors (these go in the top pouch so the kiddos cant reach) and those puffy things to wash your body with.

I still had an issue, the cabinet area below our sink was packed full and I still had stuff I needed to put away! I was really happy to be given the opportunity to try Shower Made's quick dry shower tote bag.

Immediately I hung the bag up on the towel rack inside the shower stall. I used some twisty tie things (like used on a loaf of bread) to hang it up. I am so busy with my kids I usually end up rushing through a shower and a lot of the time I get in the shower and realize I am out of something! Then I will have to get out of the shower to grab whatever I need from underneath the sink.

To avoid forgetting anything, I used this quick dry shower tote to hold extra shower stuff. This way if I run out of body wash or shampoo I can just grab it from the tote!

This can also be used if you share an apartment or house and have roommates. You can keep your bathroom stuff in your room and bring it with you when you need to use it. That way you only you will be using your products.


You can buy this great product here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Shower Made or any of Shower Made's employees. I received a Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag   solely for the purpose to properly give my opinion on the product. Other than the Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag, I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive the product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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