Thursday, January 8, 2015

A.M.P Phase 1


Ever since he got that chip implanted, he has NEEDED to get Amp'd. For whoever has the chip, getting amp'd is the new "drug". Only it is something that cannot be illegal, it is not a chemical like the old kinds of drugs. Once you are done getting amp'd you are done, only thing it does is leave you wanting more. For Ben, the more gamma rays, the better he can think and finally finish the project he was doing. The rest of the schematics was right there he just couldn't access it. He is a Colonels son and his father returned from a mission, just in time to help him live by implanting alien technology into his brain.

Ben went out to find his go to guy to get amp'd. He was not at his usual spot, he was all the way across town. Gosh, that is way too far. Ben had to go, he HAD to get amp'd to finish the schematics. They already paid him a nice down payment, but in order to get the rest of the four million they promised him he NEEDED to finish those schematics.

Ben finally found his go to guy "J". He was not too happy that in order to get the amp session he needed he had to pay more than he did last time. It didn't matter though, he HAD to get this done! The session started and finally he was able to visualize the schematics! Something was different though, he didn't feel elated like last time. He would have to complain to "J" about this when he was done. Something else was still wrong, suddenly he took his gun out and proceeded to put it in his mouth and... pull the trigger!

We got the schematics, is he dead? Yes, he is but how will he break the news to the Colonel? Just tell him his son met another "accident".

As the story goes on it brings you back three years. You are brought to the day of the accident. Ben is with his girlfriend, goofing around in his car. He loved the feeling of speeding and was trying to impress his girlfriend, who he has fallen in love with.
All of a sudden they are hit from the side! Next thing you know, his girlfriend, Jen was dead and he was in the hospital barely hanging on.

Ben's mother was there with him and his father was on a mission in Spain. His father was contacted and on the way to see his son. His mother on the other hand was dealing with a lot. Ben was in a coma and his spine severed. They told her that he would be paralyzed from the neck down. Next, thing you know he is on the operating table because of internal bleeding. They didn't know how much longer he would last.

Their plan had worked, they caused this accident and Colonel was on the way to see his son. Now they can ask him to take on the important mission. Only downside? Ben's mother will not allow her husband to come see him unless he is out of the coma!
On the other hand they seem to be having alien contact, they are receiving schematics for a chip, Ben would be a perfect candidate for this experimental chip from the aliens.

They go to Ben's mother and explain his state, they do not know how much longer he will last. They needed her signature of consent to do the experimental surgery. Of course, she would do anything to save her son, so she signed the consent. As she signs this consent form, her husband is on the way from Spain.

Will Ben's mother let the Colonel see his son? Will Ben ever get out of the coma? Will the experimental chip work? Will they ever get caught for causing the accident?

You can find this great book here to find out what happens next!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Brian Larson or any of his employees. I received  the book A.M.P Phase 1 solely for the purpose to properly give my opinion on the product. Other than the book , I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive the product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.


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