Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan

I am so beyond behind with this review it is not funny. I have been getting this feeling that I was forgetting something and... guess what??? I WAS!!

                             AHHH!!!! NOO....!!!!! 


Earlier this month I was given an opportunity to review another Ozeri product. I absolutely love love love Ozeri. I am not reviewing much anymore. I am in school full time and work part time AND have two kids. I am so stretched thin when it comes to time! For Ozeri though, I find the time! Although this time I have been so swamped, I am late with my review.

Anyways, this time I was able to review their Brezza desk fan. I have their tower fan in my hallway which is great for my kids room. We use the tower fan pretty much all day and night and only turn it off when we leave the house.

 Since I like to sleep with my door closed, the hallway fan is no help to me. I figured this desk fan would be great on the dresser in my room.

This fan has 6 different settings, low, medium, high, oscillating low, oscillating medium and oscillatting high. The fan is super easy to use, all you have to do is turn the dial till it hits the setting you want.

Like I said before, I am using this fan in my room. I placed it on a dresser so I could get nice air flow when I sleep.

Pardon my mess!

I get quite warm at night, but I cannot go with out a blanket for some reason! I know, I am weird! On the other hand, my husband also gets cold easily. When he gets cold, he will turn the air conditioner off leaving me super hot! I did not have to worry about my kids because they had the constant flow from the hallway fan, but me? I had nothing!

I really like this fan. It gives me just enough air flow to keep me cool at night. At the same time, it is not so strong that it makes a mess of the papers I have in my room. 

The only thing that slightly bothers me is the noise, but I am weird like that. I have a harder time falling asleep when the room isn't really quiet. This fan is a high velocity fan so it does have some noise to it. Compared to some other fans I've seen, this one is much more quiet.

Honestly if i could, I would have a different Ozeri fan in each room. The quality of their fans are really good. I so far have tried three different ones, the one in my hallway, the one in my bedroom and one at my friends house. I let them use it because their fan broke and their air was on the fritz. They liked the fan so much, I let them keep it.

Hopefully we will be buying a house soon. Yes, were still house hunting. When we move into a house I will totally have more Ozeri fans!

Click here you want to purchase this great desk fan.

I am not affiliated with Ozeri or any of their employees. I received their Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan , solely for the purpose to write an honest review. Other than the fan, I did not receive any compensation for this review.

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