Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mamaway Ring Sling

 Boy have I been extremely busy! Full time student, full time mom and part time work! I love to baby wear but I honestly have not had time to do anything let alone try to figure out my new Ring Sling by Mamaway! 

I FINALLY was able to find some time to try it out! Before I even opened the package I was in love with this ring sling. I love the colors! 
It reminds me of bubblegum for some reason and i love how the creamy yellow rings stand out from the pattern.

I have a woven wrap and a tula and now I can finally say I have a ring sling. I absolutely love baby wearing! I first tried out the ring sling with out any help and I could tell I had been doing something wrong... my daughter could lean back VERY far.


I loved how the ring sling felt and and absolutely loved the pattern of the ring sling now that I could see it out of the package! My next step was to go to my "baby wearing guru" friend to get a little extra help. 

She was able to show me what I was doing wrong with the ring sling. I was happy to find out I had a great technique when doing the back carry, thanks to youtube. I learned that there was also a technique to pulling the fabric through the ring sling. She also made a comment that it would probably be a little easier to run the fabric through the ring sling if the rings were a little bigger. I actually agree with her but still love love love the ring sling.

I cannot wait to have more time to baby wear, but for now I must focus on all the chaos happening now!

You can buy this amazing Ring Sling here.

I am not affiliated with Mamaway in any way.  Other than the ring sling, I did not recieve any compensation for this review. This review only contains my personal opinions and views on the product.

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