Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I am by far one of the biggest snack person ever. I love salty, sweet, and even slightly spicy things. I currently am receiving a different snack monthly box. After trying Munch Pak, this is most likely going to change.

I wont leave you hanging and I will talk about Munch Pak and their services in more detail!

Munch Pak has three different options for their monthly boxes. Their MunchPak Mini that contains 5+ full size snacks for $9.95. They have an Original MunchPak which contains 10+ full size snacks for $19.95. They also have a FamilyPak and this contains 20+ full sized snacks for $39.95.

First, you choose what type of box you want, the mini, original, or the family. Once you do that you are given the choice of how often you want this box sent to you. You can choose from weekly, every two weeks, or every month.

There is also a customize area of the website. You can choose from a list of different snacks. You can choose either you always want that type of item in your box or you do not want that type of item in your box. So if you cant do spicy? Check off the negative sign. You can do this for an additional amount of $1 each item.


Also in the customize area is an area for beverages. You can add coffee, tea, soda, and juice to your monthly box for an additional $5 each. I'm personally picky when it comes to doing additional stuff like that. I personally do not NEED a beverage every month with my subscription. I decided to use the ask a question area of the website. I asked if you got beverages if you do not pay the extra money. Their response was, it is very rare, but you may ones in a blue moon get a beverage in your pack. I honestly think its that more special if you do not know when or what you beverage you will get!


Once you are done customizing your box all you have to do is follow through the steps to check out. Depending on what option you chose for your box, frequency, and extra determines how much you will sped monthly.

Now onto what you might get in your box! I got the original box sent to me. I was super excited to find out what I got in my box!

When I first opened the box, it was wrapped with tissue paper and had a super cute note. It also came with information about their app.


You download the app, scan the item and learn about the food item. This is helpful because some snacks are in different languages and it shows exactly where that candy came from. As I started to take the snacks out, the more excited I got.


                                                                              I am a big fan of chips and I got two different types in this box, YUM!

I got a regular size bage of Takis Zombie. This Mexican chip is Habanero and Cucumber flavored. I did not mind the spicy aspect of this chip but the cucumber was a little too strong for me. Being that said for some odd reason my two year old and four year old loved them!

The second regular bag of chips is a New Orleans company of kettle cooked chips. The flavor is Cajun Dill Gator-Tators. I am not a fan of sour pickles, I am more of a sweet jerkin person. Even though they are dill flavored, they were DELICIOUS! Even both my kids loved them.


This box came with a beverage and it was super exciting. I honestly needed something to drink after trying those spicy chips. I got something called Club Orange. It is a UK brand of an orange soda made with real oranges. I absolutely loved it, and was nice enough to let my kids have one little sip each. I mean I was considerate, right? haha!


This box also had something savory-ish. I actually had to use the app to learn more about this. It is Yaokin Cocobis Crackers and its from Japan. From the description it is like a sugar cookie and cracker in one. It was sweet but not too sweet and definitely crunchy and crumbly. I liked it but my kids were not fans of it.

Another savory item was an item from Thailand. This snack is Sweet Corn flavored Pretz. They reminded me of pocky without the chocolate. I thought they were going to be weird because they taste like sweet corn, but I was completely wrong. My kids and I all enjoyed this treat. I was actually sad when they were all gone.

My favorite part of the box was all of the sweets. all full sized too, no tiny tummy teasers!

I got something called a swoffle. This is a gluten free US made caramel filled waffle cookie. It was not crunchy but very good. My kids and I all liked it.


A Croatian chocolate bar was included in this box. This candy bar has hazelnuts in it, YUM! Everyone in the family loved this bar, my kids, husband and myself!

Another candy bar included was a German candy bar. It was chocolate on the outside and Oreo on the inside. Out of the two candy bars this one was all of our favorite!



I have heard of Pocky but I have never tried it before. When i found out this Japanese treat was in the box was super happy. The only thing I was a little leary about was the flavor, Pumpkin. In the end it was actually delicious. My kids and I ate them all before my husband could even get home from work.



Also in the box was an Austrian wafer treat. These were honestly the best chocolate wafers I have tasted. I believe it was the chocolate that made a difference. We devoured these before my husband could even get home.


The final item in the box was a Polish treat. It has a peppermint outside and cocoa inside. The peppermint part was not super hard or even as minty as i thought it would be. The chocolate inside was delicious! I mostly ate them myself and I shared a couple with my kids. I know, I am greedy when it comes to sweets.

Over all I really like this box. I am honestly thinking about switching companies.

You can start your delicious journey with SnackPak here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company Munchpak or any of Munchpak's employees. I received one month of their subscription box solely for the purpose to honestly give my opinion on the product. Other than the subscription box , I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive this product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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  1. The Cajun Dill Gator-Tators sound very interesting!