Saturday, August 13, 2016

Skinny Jane One Week Challenge.


Ever since I was in high school. My weight could be described as a roller coaster. When I thought I finally was losing it, I would gain it all back and more! It was beyond frustrating and lead to many bouts of depression.

After graduating from high school, I got SUPER skinny. I could not be happier. I moved in with my boyfriend at the time while I went to college. The family I lived with had HUGE appetites and my boyfriend at the time worked at Little Caesars. Thanks to overeating and amazing discounts on crazy bread, I gained back tons of weight!

It was extremely hard to lose, and a lot happened in a hand full of years!  Fast forward to now,
I am a mom of two kiddos. My son will turn 4 in September and my daughter turned 2 in May. As many people know, a woman's body goes through many changes during a pregnancy. Not only do moms gain the weight, but there are hormonal changes too. I have seen so many moms wanting to lose what they called post pregnancy "baby fat".

With my son I did not have any extra "baby fat", but after my daughter I started the weight roller coaster again! (Minus the severe depression)

I recently did what I call the Skinny Jane one week challenge. I used the
Skinny Jane Quick Slim Weight Loss Kit from I honestly do not know my pre or post weight All I know is I had visible results.

Before Front View
Before Side View

The Skinny Jane Quick Slim Weight Loss Kit contains the following:

7 days of  Skinny Blend (enough for 7 shakes, one per day)
7 days of Skinny Burn (2 a day, a total of 14 pills)
7 days of Skinny Cleanse (2 a day, a total of 14 pills)
7 days of T.K.O. Tea (one tea bag a day)
Included was a 7 day food plan to aid with the weight loss process.

Also included as a bonus was their Skinny Jane Multivitamin (2 a day, a total of 14 pills)

Multivitamin top left
Skinny Burn top middle
Skinny Cleanse top right
T.K.O tea bag below
powder for the shakes

I like planning things and having them ready and at hand, especially since I have such a busy life. I made my own butterfly looking baggies and measured portions for the Skinny Blend powder and placed them in Tupperware.

I took a paperclip and separated the baggies so I knew what was what. The skinny burn and the skinny cleanse pill color are practically the same I did not want to confuse them. This way i knew once I did my daily routine the remaining pills were for the evening.


I will be out right honest with you. I like food and I work the evening shift, coming home after midnight. I could not follow the food portion of the 7 day plan. I made my own daily schedule. I also got of to a rocky start, oops!
I worked the night I started and I came home and fell asleep as soon as i hit the pillow, forgetting to take the Skinny Cleanse. The second night, someone accidentally threw away my Skinny Cleanse! Whomp Whomp Whomp...

I also cheated in a way too, the only milk we have in the house is whole milk.  I used that and added my own ingredient to my daily shake, berry flavored whole leaf aloe drink.I have no gall bladder, so I use this product to help my digestive tract. It was actually quite delicious, it tasted like chocolate fruity pebbles.

Enjoying my delicious shake!

My daily routine consisted of waking up (I am not a morning person and neither are my kids really), take my multivitamin, skinny, burn, and drink shake. I would have my tea with my lunch and took the skinny burn before I went to sleep.

I am actually kind of sad my supplies are used up! I really like this product and I had amazing results in the 7 days I took them!


You can purchase the kit I used here.
You can purchase the multivitamins here.
You can purchase the T.K.O tea here.
You can purchase the Skinny Burn here.

You can purchase the Skinny Cleanse here.

You can also purchase their other products including the 8 week challenge, and 38 day go lean package for men!

Check out their website
Its definitely worth a peak!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company Skinny Jane or any of Skinny Janes's employees. I received their Quick Slim Weight Loss Kit solely at a drastically reduced price for the purpose to honestly give my opinion on the product. Other than the reduced price for the weight loss kit, I did not receive any compensation for this
review. Even though I did receive the product at a reduced price, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.


  1. I can't find the 7 day kit on the website, only 30 day. Where did you get your kit?

  2. I can't find the 7 day kit on the website, only 30 day. Where did you get your kit?