Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Salad Spinner

 I love salads, not even because it is "healthy" or that I am on a diet. I just love love love salads!  
I love the dressing and all the toppings you can put on it. Different types of cheese, chicken, craisins, all different types of nuts, and more!

I usually just grab a bag of mixed greens at the store, but unless its a buy one get one deal they cam be quite pricey. I tried to get a head of lettuce but it was really hard to break it a part then wash it without it ending up dripping wet. I do not want to have to dry each piece of lettuce with a towel.

I would just end up waiting on the buy one get one deal and buy the packaged stuff. So I was really happy to be able to review Ozeri's Salad Spinner!

The salad spinner comes in three pieces. The lid, the spinner, and the bowl. The spinner part nestles in the bowl and of course the lid goes on top.

When you push the lever on top it makes the spinner... spin!

 This way I can clean my lettuce in a fast and efficient way! So far I have not actually used lettuce in the spinner. BUT, I have played around with it and it is super easy to use. All you have to do is unlock the lever and it pops up. Once you push the lever, it spins the lettuce. This leaves the lettuce clean and dry. This way your dressing will stick to the lettuce!

It looks like all of the salad spinners I see at my local stores. Even though I have access to other salad spinners, I absolutely love Ozeri's products. I am extremely happy with this product!

I am not affiliated with Ozeri or any of their employees. I received their Salad Spinner, solely for the purpose to write an honest review. Other than the Salad Spinner , I did not receive any compensation for this review.

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