Thursday, May 12, 2016

HOPDAY Delicates Mesh Laundry Bags

Everyone has those delicate items in their wardrobe. Bra's, Underwear, that pretty sparkly dress. They are great to wear but when it comes to washing them, they're not so great. Wash them together with your regular load, you might damage them or your other clothes. On the other hand you can do a separate "delicates" load, but that's extra time spent separating the laundry.

When I was younger, I used to take the time to separate loads into lights, darks, and delicates.
Now, I am married with two kids and a working college student. I do not have the time to do all of that separating anymore. When I have the time, I gather up all the laundry I can and toss it in to be washed. 

In the past, I have actually ruined a couple of my favorite articles of clothing because of the velcro on some of my kids bibs. Now that I do not use bibs anymore, I do not have to worry about that. I do have a sequin filled sparkly dress, bras, and lacy delicate underwear.

Essentially every time I washed my laundry, I would cross my fingers and pray that nothing got ruined. That was before I got Hopday's delicate mesh laundry bags! Now, all I have to do is place all the delicate items inside one of the four bags I received and toss them in the washer. No more praying that they will not be ruined! I can now rely on these great mesh bags.

You can purchase this great product here.

*I apologize there are not many pictures. I have been majorly behind with laundry. I honestly forgot to take pictures each time I did a load of laundry. WHOOPS!*

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company HOPDY or any of HOPDAY's employees. I received a set of four Delicates Mesh Laundry Bags solely for the purpose to properly give my opinion on the product. Other than the mesh bags, I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive the product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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