Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cave Tools Cooking Thermometer

 AHHH!!! It has been so crazy in this household lately! August 17th I  start back in college to get my degree. I work part-time at Ross dress for less. My princess and little man have been sick for the past couple weeks and I am way behind in keeping up with the apartment. I am currently taking a break from all the chaos to write this! 


I must apologize for two things. First, at the moment I do not have any action shots of the thermometer. I work part-time evenings and it was by chance that I was at work when my husband tried it out. Second, I am sorry for the short review. Some products speak for themselves and this product is one of them. 

My husband loves to cook and grill. For the longest time, we used a cheap dollar store meat thermometer. When I was given the opportunity from Cave Tools to try their meat thermometer, I jumped on it. My husband was quite pleased to hear about my new test product.   

I personally love the design of the thermometer. It is not gigantic, yet the writing on it is big enough for me to read... without my glasses on. 


I like how the thermometer has a Fahrenheit and Celsius option.

I work retail and I have noticed a lot of people traveling out of country like to do their shopping here in the US. One person told me they shop here because in their country the prices for everything is at least double, if not triple the prices here. I personally will be using the Fahrenheit option, but the that option is great for those who grew up learning temperatures in Celsius.

I know I do not have any pictures of the thermometer in action. I have a meal in mind right now and I plan on posting pictures very soon! So keep an eye out! Once I get the pictures, I will be posting them here.

You can purchase this great product here

I am not affiliated with Cave Tools or any of their employees. I received their Cooking thermometer, solely for the purpose to write an honest review. Other than the cooking thermometer, I did not receive any compensation for this review.

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