Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oval Wall Mirror

 I must apologize now for a short review. I absolutely love this product, but sometimes a product speaks for itself. This is one of those times.

My daughter is 1 years old and she is my little princess. We are currently in the process of buying a home. I love to plan ahead and have been thinking of what I can do to make her room adorable!
I was super happy to be given the opportunity to review this adorable oval mirror with a lace looking frame.

This mirror is extremely adorable mirror. The mirror has hardware in two different places. You can hang it like the image above or hang it horizontally.




I forget what it is called, but I used this hook thing to hang the picture. All you have to do is push it into the wall and twist. Easy peasy to hang a picture!


I can not wait to  be able to move into a house and create a princess room for my daughter. I look forward to painting the walls and hanging this mirror. For now it is hanging on the wall in the nursery. I think its cute, but looks funny, being a white framed mirror on a white wall.


You can buy this adorable mirror here.

I am not affiliated with heart to heart or any of their employees. I received their Oval mirror, solely for the purpose to write an honest review. Other than the oval mirror, I did not receive any compensation for this review.

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