Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Huggies Wipes Clutch

I shop at Sams Club for my diapers and wipes. My last visit I was good with diapers but desperately needed wipes. As i was walking down the isle ,checking the prices and comparing to see what was the best bang for my buck... I noticed one contained a cute little wipes holder clutch. I happily paid the extra dollar or so for getting more wipes and the cute clutch!

Its been a month or so since i got the clutch and im pretty disappointed. Overall the clutch is a great idea! its a rubbery material with a strap to hold around your wrist. The double ziplock zipper works great and the wipes stay moist! BUT!!!! *cue tragic music* the plastic part you open to get the wipes out seems to be just attached by a thin layer of double sided tape! Its already trying to come off of the clutch. I find myself constantly pressing it back down in order to save the clutch, i REALLY like it! I think my next attempt of fixing it will be to bring out the hot glue gun.

I love the product but it needs to be tweaked a little more... especially if they expect the consumer to use it constantly like i do. Its what i put in my daughters diaper bag.

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