Friday, November 4, 2016

Bramble Box

The holidays are all about family and friends.
I have two kids, Samantha aged 2 and Wyatt aged 4. Most of all my energy spent in the months leading up to Christmas is figuring out gifts!  I love to do crafty things with my little ones. Lately, I have been addicted to monthly boxes. You can't go wrong with a gift that provides a surprise in the mail every month!

I was able to try Bramble Box. I personally have never tried a monthly box especially aimed towards my kids!
I honestly did not know what to expect when I opened the box.

What was inside was a mystery, but everything was explained in the awesome Welcome note inside the lid!

This box is amazing! Since its Fall season the box theme was pumpkins! The first project we did was the Pumpkin Lifestyle Poster. This project came with a chart and six different images.



I cut the images so we could tape them on the life cycle chart.

After I cut those images, both my kids and I decided what image went where. Did the green pumpkin come before the flower? No... They loved this project and the end result is super cute!


The next thing my kiddos did was play with the pretend items. I was getting the next project ready while they played! The pretend items let the kids play as baristas! It came with two cups and two lids along with three cup sleeves with different beverage names. It also had a menu they could fill out their customers orders on!

After I got everything prepared we made the pretend pumpkin pies! This project came with orange pom pom puffs, a couple white pom pom puffs, brown felt, velcro, brown felt, and miniature pie tins. There was also supplies to make apple pies but my kids only wanted to make the pumpkin ones.

Both types of pies came with "recipe" cards.

First the kids placed one of the pre-cut circle felt pie crusts in the metal tin pan. The pan had velcro in it to keep the felt in place.

Then we put exactly 1 cup of pumpkin colored pom poms inside the crust!


After the pumpkin was placed inside, then the top of the pie and whipped cream was placed on.
The last project we accomplished was paint the fall leaves! This one was especially fun! The kit came with these paper looking leaves, water color paints, and a small refillable spritzing bottle.                      

I love how they give extra information on every project!


This project is cool because I just let my kids go to town with the paints with close supervision. The last thing we needed was all the colors to turn funky colors because they did not clean out their brush! We wanted fun and colorful leaves!


Once they were done painting, I took the spritzer and sprayed the leaves. This caused the paints to bleed and start to spread. This resulted in beautiful masterpieces!


After a fun day filled with crafts and a trip to the park we read the book that came in the box.  It was all about how pumpkins grew. My kids loved it! They asked me to read it over and over till i had to tell them it was bedtime!


You can subscribe for you or buy someone a gift here

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company Bramble Box or any of Bramble Box's employees. I received one month of their subscription box solely for the purpose to honestly give my opinion on the product. Other than the subscription box , I did not receive any compensation for this review. Even though I did receive this product for free, the details in this review are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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